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Stories Connect Us

May 14, 2019

Stories connect us. There are stories that expose peoples’ fears and foibles, and they remind me that we’re all striving to find what matters. Lighthearted stories serve as a reminder to stop and smell the roses. The tales of daring feats strengthen my own resolve. I inhale stories through fiction, biography, podcasts, and friends. Learning about other lives helps me figure out my own.

I get a healthy dose of stories while walking our dog Gracie around the streets of Riverdale. I listen to NPR’s podcast, The Moth, my favourite podcast bar none.   The Moth records both everyday and extraordinary people telling their stories before a live audience. Odds are, they will be humourous, even if the subject matter is dark. I’m sure I look ridiculous, laughing all by myself as I walk along the sidewalk. The stories leave me feeling touched, inspired and moved by a sense of kinship. Here are a few I’d like to share:

Laugh along:

Mission to India https://themoth.org/stories/mission-to-india (George Lombardi):
A young American doctor gets a surprise request to treat Mother Teresa.

A View of the Earth  https://themoth.org/stories/a-view-of-the-earth (Michael J. Massimino):
An astronaut describes his time out in space repairing the Hubble Space Telescope.

Have you met him yet https://themoth.org/stories/have-you-met-him-yet  (David Litt):
A speechwriter for Obama shares his experience in the White House.

The Curse  https://themoth.org/stories/the-curse  (Dame Wilburn):
A woman takes things into her own hands when she’s told by a psychic that she’s cursed.

Cry along:

As a reminder that not everyone is as they appear, here’s a tough tale of a stand-up comedian whose show must go on in order that he can pay the medical bills for his daughter’s cancer treatment.

The Best of Times, The Worst of Times https://themoth.org/stories/the-best-of-times-the-worst-of-times (Anthony Griffith):

If you’re not a fan of podcasts, @humansofny posts amazing stories on Instragram (they have over 9 million followers worldwide). Sparingly, the authors capture the lives of people they’ve interviewed on the street. It’s incredible how beautifully they zone into the unique purpose, challenge, or joy that fuels each person. I highly recommend following @humansofny.


At funerals we also tell stories. These stories shed insight into the trials and successes that in some form confront us all.