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Do What You Want Now.

July 13, 2019

Do What You Want. Everything In Our Life Should be Informed by our Mortality. By Laura Kennedy, The Irish Times, July 3, 2019)

This article in the Irish Times does a great job of illuminating the ways in which death and funerals prompt us take stock in our own lives. What a shame it’s only at those times.

A funeral is about the dead, but for the living. Each time I hear about someone’s life, what they cherished and how they touched others, I’m reminded of all that I’m grateful for and of the personal qualities that really matter. I marvel at the ways in which each of us is so unique, yet we all seem motivated by the same values. Funerals are also a chance to recalibrate my own life. They inspire me to focus on what’s important and to minimize the silly, negative stuff that can compromise my day.  This is one of the reasons a funeral is a precious moment for me. The article questions why it takes a death or a funeral to recognize our own desires.  If we were less phobic about death maybe we’d be more in tune with what matters.

LK: We tend to ignore death until it kicks us hard in the face. Only then, after coming to, do we peer in the mirror at the swelling and bruises it leaves behind, and think, “I should quit my job and start that cheese stall I’ve always wanted” or “I should probably tell my girlfriend that I don’t love her any more” or “feck it – I’m buying a boat.”

If you’ve always wanted to open up a bakery, I hope this article inspires you to do so.