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Why would I want to turn away from fun work in the communications sector to focus on death? Because end of life ceremonies are about life and are for the living. It breaks my heart when I attend a funeral that fails to capture the essence of the person we’ve lost. Everyone’s life story is unique, and by sharing their story in a compelling way, we can grab onto what’s special in their life and our own.

Whether it’s a funeral, memorial or celebration of life, I collaborate with families to create a ceremony that’s meaningful for everyone in attendance. My tools of the trade include my Life-Cycle Celebrants certification (that’s a big deal), lots of creativity, and a heartfelt desire to bring comfort. Even during these unprecedented times of covid, we can pay tribute in touching ways.


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You quietly disappeared on Saturday following my Mom’s service. I did not get an opportunity to thank you for the tribute that you facilitated for our Mom. I suspect that was purposeful since you insisted that it was all about my Mom and us, her family. However, the day would not have been as beautiful without your help. You captured the essence of who my Mom was. We had many compliments on the service, specifically that they loved that it was all about Betty! Some people remarked (including my children) that they learned some things about her that they did not know. So very sweet. Thank you for the great job you did in capturing mom as well as caring for all of us in the process.Wishing you all the best always,

Sandra, daughter of Betty

Thank you so very much for helping to make this day for our family as meaningful as it was. You took the time to get to know the beautiful person Elli was through the eyes of many of her closest. You’ve been able to touch on her life’s journey in sensitive, heartfelt and funny ways. I really appreciate having been part of this process too.  Our many thanks to you Susan.

Kira, niece of Elli

Thanks again for the lovely ceremony. I’ve had a few family and friends tell me that it was the nicest ceremony they’ve ever been to. I think we hit this one out of the park and it was mainly due to your efforts.

Brian, husband of Dawn

Dear Susan, thank you for your words. They wove a story that so beautifully expressed the deep love and reverence that we all felt for my mother. With deepest gratitude,

Seigi, daughter of Marie

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